Tue, 22 Nov 2011

[ROM] : de-branded ROM for Alcatel one touch 990 [froyo]
Currently very much a work in-progress custom ROM for the Alcatel one touch 990 device.

All the Vendor Branding has been removed, and any modified applications have been replaced with the AOSP versions. The aim is to revert the device to as close to AOSP as possible.

The Stock rom has very little customization, but what there was had to go...

This ROM is based on the Alcatel FRG83G.v53B-0 ROM shipped the current UK device

  • Based on the Alcatel one touch 990 ROM
  • Removed bundled custom applcations.
  • Removed bundled TouchPal Keyboard.
  • Reverted to default homescreen layout.
  • Reverted to standard Android Splash screen
  • de-odexed all applicaions & framework
  • all applicaions & framework resigned with test keys
  • Added livewallpapers.
  • Added Google Voice.
  • Added Google Deskclock.
  • Added Google Car Home
  • Updated Google Market Application.
  • Updated Google Maps.
  • Updated Google Muisc.
  • Updated Google Mail.
  • Updated Google Voicesearch.
  • Added ChainsDD' SuperUser Application.
  • Updated Busybox to v1.17.4.
  • Added international APN list.
DISCLAIMER I am not responsive for any consequences of installing this update, any house-fires, stray cats, legal action resulting from your use of it is ENTIRELY your own look out.

Downloads This update files is to be used with a custom recovery boot partition, as its impossible to sign for the standard recovery, you will need to have a custom recovery installed, for example ClockworkMod recovery.

Install this ROM using ClockworkMod Recovery:
  • CAUTION: This update will wipe your userdata during installation, back it up if you want to keep it.
  • Download the update zip above and copy to your SD card.
  • Restart your device in recovery mode (turn on your device with 'Power' & 'Volume Down' buttons held down).
  • Use the recovery menu to apply the update file.

This ROM should work with all models of the Vodafone Smart/Huawei U8160

A wipe is required to use this ROM regardless of which ROM you have been using previously.

Reverting to stock
A stock ROM image for most devices can be found in this topic.

Known Issues
  • none
Future development
  • Fixing the issues people no-doubt find.

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